People Provide False Reports Sometimes

Complaint Review: Attorney Zeribe Ned Ogueri Law Office My Husband who is a native of Nigeria like this rip off artist Zeribe, was looking for a Attorney to help him with immigration green he pick this man here to help him with this task, he pick him because he was a native himself of Nigeria and he felt he could trust him to do good work. He paid this man $1000 American dollars to help him with his immigration and to get a green card, he paid him in cash and for him that is a lot of money and he knew that before he took the money. He made one trip down to immigration just one to let immigration know he would be his Attorney 3 years ago, and from that day to this one he has never heard from the Rip off artist again.

My Husband and I went by his office to ask for our money back for work he did not do, and to take him off the case because he was doing nothing at all. He said to my husband “hell no” about his money. Hell no???? and you are a professional??? He even threaten my hustband to have him removed from the property because he asked for his money back. Like he was a dog …nothing. This Rip off artist is of Nigeria blood just like my husband and to treat your own people like that made me so mad. Let me tell you something whoever reads this DO NOT do business with this so called Attorney he is the worse I have ever seen in my life and I have seen some really bad ones. To steal the money of a man who is trying to find a better life for him and his family and laugh in his face. I wish he was deported and never to return here. We American have a code of honor and this So called Attoney has none he is a Theft and should be ashame of himself. We as American do not want someone like you here ripping us off at our lowest ponits in life.

This is a big warning to all who see this do not trust this guy you will be sorry you did. Turst me. We are filling a case with the board and immigration about this Attoney just beware and be safe from him. Review Attorney Ned Ogueri Review Zeribe law Offices

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