The Pros and Cons of Immigration to Host Countries

For every process, there are advantages and disadvantages. Same is the case for immigration or the movement into another place for the intent of settling there for a relatively long period of time. Immigration has impacts to both countries of origin and host countries. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks experienced by host countries due to immigration.

Pros of Immigration

  • Increased Manpower

Host countries may lack some manpower and may have job vacancies which the natives leave vacant. This may be because the natives are unwilling to take the job or may be due to lack of skills. In addition, skills and technology transfer are possible. 

  • Cultural  Diversity

Cultural diversity in a country is achieved when there are more people immigrating to a host country.

Cons of Immigration

  • Population Boom

In cases where the number of immigrants abruptly increased, it may cause to a population boom that may strain the public services as well as future unemployment especially for the natives. 

  • Migrant Exploitation

There is a possibility that the migrants will be exploited. 

  • Human Trafficking

A lenient procedure for immigration may serve as a way to encourage human trafficking.

It would be important that a country decide on whether they should encourage and discourage immigration by weighing the pros and cons the country is experiencing. The decision is dependent in every country as every country is under different economic conditions and some countries are more accepting to the idea of welcoming foreigners in their land while some may still be indifferent in this issue.  

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